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Women's International day 2024


BBold takes a stand in supporting and empowering women in the workplace and beyond. For International Women's Day, we will conduct a series of webinars to assist organizations in crafting environments that inspire even greater inclusion for everyone.

Samra Chekroun
A  facilitator, coach, mentor, and senior headhunter

Skilled in designing and delivering leadership training programs for international human-centric organizations. Successfully supported and empowered more than 1000  women and leaders in shattering the glass ceiling and cultivating inclusive workplaces. 93% of participants think that my programs are a "must-have" in any leadership initiative. Achieving an average satisfaction rating of 4.8/5. These results highlight the impact and value that our programs bring to individuals and organizations, striving for excellence, inclusivity and fairness.

Series of webinars offered

our D&I partners


Webinar/workshops details 

Wbinar details

Duration: 90 - 120 mins

Price: Starts from CHF 2`700 for 90 mins

Locations: Virtual or in person

Language: French and English

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