How to tackle Imposter Syndrome?

I am a FRAUD!

Have you ever felt like that about yourself? believing that you do not deserve to be in this place and partake in the role you have? Thinking that everyone else is better than you and you are not good enough for this workplace or company? Putting yourself down everyday over criticism thinking that you are not qualified for this position?

I had the privilege to coach skilled, educated and amazing professionals, and it's crazy to see how many of us are concerned by the so-called "Imposter Syndrome". Many of them are experiencing this at work and going through this mental battle on a daily basis. For years I felt uncomfortable with the thought that I was not at my place and that someday, someone will recognize the fraud. Fortunately I took the initiative and worked on that myself and today it's less present than it used to be.

To give you a better understanding and more details about imposter syndrome and how to tackle it, I invite you to have a look at this recap from the live conversation that I had with @Melissa Whiting. Here we talked about how to identify the imposter syndrome, how it can affect you, what are the different steps that you can take today to overcome the importer syndrome.

I recently discovered the clance imposter phenomenon developed by Dr. Pauline Rose Clance. Which can help you see how you compare to others. The Impostor Test was developed to help individuals determine whether or not they have Imposter Syndrome characteristics and, if so, to what extent they are suffering.

So please feel free to take the test and find out how present if your imposter syndrome is.

Some tips on how to identity and tackle the imposter syndrome:

  • Focus on facts: The feeling of not being good enough for the workplace is oftentimes due to the fear and not the reality.

  • Share how you are feeling: Instead of internalising the emotions, recognize them and then move on. Sharing can also help you find someone else that might have the imposter syndrome and that will help you build up confidence that you are not alone.

Reframe your thoughts: Whenever you get negative thoughts about yourself, especially when you make a mistake at work, tell yourself that you have been doing an amazing job, today it wasn’t my best work and mistakes can happen but you will do a better job next time.

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